Great Wall

The name is Sandy.

but I usually go by Sendusia.

I'm just your quasi normal bookworm/gamer/filmophile. I tend to spend many nights dissecting films, books and video games as I go through them. I happily share those dissections here on my very own blog, where another passion of mine can be utilized: writing.

I spent a year abroad teaching little Chinese children English and became inspiried to create my own blog. As I continue to find the means to travel, I want to share my experiences traveling, dissecting different mediums and living all for your reading (and listening) pleasure. I'm just a nerd trying to learn my place in the world. Come join.

  • System? Playstation.
  • Game? Final Fantasy X (I don't want to hear it)
  • Movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas (Howl's Moving Castle is a CLOSE second)
  • Mentor? Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photography, K-dramas, pineapples, bigbang and korean skin care are a few other interests of mine. And yes, pineapples do belong on pizza. πŸ

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This is Matt Attack 

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P.S. Matt Attack is written by my lovely assistant and friend. Follow him on Instagram: InstaMatt.


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All photos on this site were taken by Sandy as she hops around.