Sendusia's Got Books || Blade Runner, Thirteen Reasons and Japanese Literature

like to think that I'm a fast reader or at least decently quick. Since the beginning of April, I've read about 11 books (give or take). As I am an avid reader, I get asked for advice on books quite often and I find that I'm terrible at recommendations. I know what genres and styles work for me (read: all) but I'm genuinely terrible at judging someone else's. For those of you seeking book recommendations, I've decided to compile a list of my top 5 from my recently read and let you decide. My (short) list comprises books from young adult to existentialism.

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If I Could Turn Back Time | Life Is Strange Review

Life Is Strange is yet another of those choice dependant games that seem to be quite popular these days (thanks, Telltale). Unlike most of the "episodic interactive drama graphic adventure" video games, LIS allows you to make your choice, see the immediate result and rewind time and chose the better option.

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Sex, Teens and MURDER | Until Dawn Review

A nice change from the Telltale games whereas the choices are more for fun, the choices in Until Dawn truly have an impact on how the game ends. While on the surface it seems like your cliche slasher movie (sorry, game), Until Dawn has a more profound and lasting message… if you’re willing to look for it.

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