No Man's Sky | Hello Hermit Sandy

 I just want to note that I'm on vacation in Punta Cana right now while writing this post. That is how good of an impression this game made on me.

No Man's Sky is a completist's dream, which is basically me (it took me an entire year to finish Dragon Age: Inquisition with all those side quests...) There are many galaxies to explore and planets to harvest to extinction. It's perfection! It's beautiful! I want to live there. There is just so many aliens and SO MUCH GOLD TO BE MADE. Once I started I just couldn't stop. Forewarning: this game may cause addiction and loss of sleep.

The Little Mermaid | Disney, 1989

The Little Mermaid | Disney, 1989

I had no intention of buying NMS until after I finished my long list of games to finish (which by the way, is just too long 😭 -- looking at you Witcher and Fallout). But it just looked so pretty that I couldn't resist, ahh!

At first, it seemed boring with its mundane tasks. It literally just throws you into the game with no explanation. The idiot that I am -- I didn't get that there were objectives to complete. Sooo, I spent a better part of my first hour walking around and hacking stuff. (I'm still confused how I lasted an hour). 

When I finally managed to fly up into the air, I realized the sheer vastness of the game and how much there was to do. There really is no point to the game other than exploration and discovery. By meeting different aliens, you learn the weird language. By mining different crystals, you survive. You get your frustrations out by killing off those pesky sentinels. I named each planet after various members of my family, so if you ever run into the Jiji galaxy, that'd be me.

Matthew McConaughey is all of us.

Even the astronaut can't wait to get his hands on No Man's Sky. Original No Man's Sky Trailer: Original footage is from Interstellar, I do not own any rights. Non-Commercial use. A thanks to oskararnarson for the Star Wars clip. Was inspiring!

This is what Destiny or Star Wars: Battlefront should have been. Exploring different planets and fighting through hordes of aliens. Not just sticking to two or three planets doing the same tireless missions over and over. And then having to pay to attempt a new mission?? Dislike, lame and no thank you. (Also fuck you both for costing $60 bucks for nada).

Verdict: I can't give No Man's Sky a proper rating until I've played it fully. I've only explored about, like what, 2% of the game? But as a first impression, it definitely impressed the pineapple off this girl. 🍍