Batman: New World Order Review

By now it’s obvious that even though this is called Batman, the story mainly focuses on Bruce Wayne. At this point, it seems that everything that happens just worsens his situation. The once respected name of Wayne has lost its positive impact on the city of Gotham and all of Bruce’s personal and professional friends are turning their back. Even the most hardcore Batman fans won’t be able to predict some of the things that play out here.

The decisions here are just as difficult as ever, but it seems that our decisions do not have as big as impact on the story as it seems. A lot of events here are already set in stone and our decisions are here to only change up the dialogue and how some characters react to you. Most Telltale games are similar with this approach where they give you the illusion of choice and impact. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the decisions are still tense and the story is engaging. It’s a strong and unpredictable story and I'm eagerly waiting for things to unfold in the coming episodes.

The detective segment makes another return here and it is exactly the same as it was in previous episodes. You combine two clues together to solve the mystery. But these puzzles are not at all challenging and I found myself trying to get through them as fast as possible to advance the story.

With every episode, the performance seems to get worse and worse from framerate drops to the audio cutting out. It seems crazy that this game is allowed to be released in this state. Telltale should take some time to develop a new engine for their games because performance issues are just not acceptable anymore.

Fortunately, these issues didn’t occur during the action moments. These are few and far between. But with the introduction of a new villain the action here is more creative and unique. These fights are still awesome to watch, the majority of what you will be doing.


Batman Episode 3: New World Order is the best-written episode so far, with an unpredictable plot and well-choreographed fights. Unfortunately, the lack of real consequences and performance issues bring the quality down.