Battlefield 1 Review

A few years ago most first person shooters were either world war 2 games of some type of sci-fi. Then things started changing and shooters started becoming more focused on modern combat and recently more and more of them are moving towards future warfare. No one knew what to expect from the new Battlefield game. The series has been known for being a world war 2 shooter but just like more franchises they shifted things to the present. Until Battlefield 1. The game takes place during World War 1, an era that is very rarely explored in gaming.

Single Player

Battlefield games are not usually known for having great, or even good, stories. Outside the Bad Companies games, the stories have been forgettable at best. Fortunately, the single player campaign in Battlefield 1 is amazing. Instead of playing one big campaign that follows a group of soldiers as they fight their way through Europe, the game is told through five short stories. Each story is about a different person and what they experienced through the war. During the stories you drive a tank, pilot a plane, and wear heavy armor as you fight your way through German soldiers. Each story is action packed and they all make you feel a connection to each character.

It’s very refreshing playing a campaign this way. Since most first-person shooters make you feel like you are a one-man army and that only you can win the war. Here you feel vulnerable, you are not a super soldier, you are a regular man trying to survive one of the world’s most gruesome wars. The best part of the single player campaign is that it doesn’t glamorize war. War is hell and this makes you experience that. It also pays respect to all the lives that were lost during. Even though all the stories can be completed in around five hours it’s still one of the best single player campaigns in recent memory, and the best one in the Battlefield franchise.


Multiplayer is where Battlefield games truly shine and Battlefield 1 is no exception. You start off each match by picking what class you would like to play as. The classic Battlefield classes return like medic and support, but this time there’s new classes. The player can spawn inside a tank, a plane, or on a horse and they become the class that corresponds with those roles. There are six game modes that are playable; Conquest, Domination, Operations, Rush, War Pigeons, and Team Deathmatch.

In Conquest, players have to capture control points and make sure the other team doesn’t capture them. This mode is all out warfare. There are 64 players in this mode so there were people riding horses, planes battling in the sky, and tanks everywhere. The action starts building up when everyone is trying to capture the same points

Domination is a smaller, infantry focused, version of Conquest. There are fewer points to capture but the combat is way more close and personal.

If you have a whole weekend to play, then Operation is the mode for you. It’s an all-out battle to control a whole map. The mode takes a long time but it is a lot of fun. There are tanks and planes everywhere and you are always at risk of being killed by a sniper.

In Rush, the attacking forces have to destroy telegraph posts by planting explosives on them. While the defending forces can disarm the explosives and use the telegraph posts to call in an artillery strike. If the telegraph posts are destroyed, then the defenders have to retreat to defend another section of the map.

When the attackers destroy all the posts then they win, but if the defenders defeat enough reinforcements then they win.

During World War 1 a lot of communication was done through carrier pigeons. These birds were trained to deliver messages across battlefields. In this mode, you have to get to the messenger pigeon and carry it to a safe location to set it free. If you played a capture the flag mode in other shooters, then this will feel familiar.

Team Deathmatch is the same here as it is in all other Battlefield and shooter games, but with the charm of World War 1 weaponry. Definitely, the mode to play for beginners but also for experts.

There is a lot to experience in the multiplayer mode. The destroyable environments keep everyone on their toes and it can be difficult to find a place to find. The more you play as a certain class then the more you will unlock in that class and there are a ton of things to unlock.


Battlefield 1 is the best first-person released this year. Yes, the single player campaign is short. But where it lacks in its length, it makes up in experience. The multiplayer is great and it will keep you playing for months, if not for years, until the next Battlefield game is released.