Stop Delaying Games

There has been a recent trend in the video game industry that’s become very annoying and tiresome to keep reading about it. And that is game delays.  I know that it takes a lot of hours and energy to produce a game for developers. It makes their jobs harder if they have to release their game by a specific date and if they miss it then it can cost them sales and maybe even their jobs when the project is done. I don’t think a game date should be announced before the game is close to being done or is done completely and the team is fixing the bugs and glitches.

This can cause two problems for gamer's. The first is that developers decide to release the game on time and the game is broken and needs to be fixed with patches. This happened to two big releases in 2015 (Assassins Creed: Unity and Batman: Arkham Knight on PC) and I know that this caused those games to sell worse than they normally would. The second problem, when developers realize that they can’t release the game on time they have to delay it a couple weeks, months, or even worse years.

Usually, when a game gets delayed that means that it will be better for it with fewer bugs, glitches, better visuals, and refined gameplay. But other times that doesn’t mean anything, like with No Mans Sky. That game was delayed for a couple of months this past summer and that didn’t help with anything. The game is still empty and boring. If anything that game should’ve been delayed for a year, to add more content.  

Here’s a list of games that were delayed in just 2016;·

         Final Fantasy XV

·         The Last Guardian

·         Horizon Zero Dawn

·         The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

·         Mass Effect Andromeda

·         Crackdown 3

·         Gran Turismo Sport

There are two games on that list that stand out the most: Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. Both of them were in development in some form since 2005. As gamers, we’ve been hearing about them here and there for last decade. Until they were both given release dates and everyone sighed with relief that this long journey was coming to an end, or so we thought. Final Fantasy XV was delayed by two months, from late September to late November, and The Last Guardian from mid-October to early December. While this might not seem like a big deal, it is getting tiresome. These two games have become somewhat of a joke, will they ever come out? I’m sure they will come out on these final release dates and I hope they are nothing short of great, but I don’t think they will ever live up to expectations of gamers who have been waiting for 10+ years.

There is one company that other developers should learn from, and that is Bethesda. At E3 2015 they announced Fallout 4 and that it was coming out by the end of the year, and it did. It was great. I think more developers should do this. Finish the game and when it is completely done tell gamers that it's coming out in a few months and in the meantime fix all the bugs and start releasing trailers and commercials to get players excited.

Hopefully, 2016 will be the last year where developers realize that delaying games is not always a good thing and that it upsets many fans around the world who are excited to play. We all want to play great games and being made to wait longer, even if it is only a couple months, it’s not fun for anyone.