Batman Episode 2: Children of Arkham Review

Batman Episode 2: The Children of Arkham starts of where the first episode ended. Bruce Wayne finds out that his parents were working with the mob and that is how they acquired their fortune. Bruce has to deal with the fact that his parents were not what he thought they were.

There is a lot more character development in this episode than in the previous one. Bruce has to deal with the fact that his parents were not what he thought they were. This makes the story very interesting because it's taking familiar characters rewriting their history. As a Batman fan, it made me want to continue playing even more because it made these known characters into something new and refreshing. Bruce Wayne is a lot more relatable in this episode because the best moments in this episode revolve around his friends and family.

Batman is always viewed as Bruce Wayne’s other personality. But here Batman is just another tool that Bruce can use to complete the task at hand. Sometimes it is better to be the recognizable and charismatic Bruce Wayne and other times it’s better to be Batman and scare the hell out of someone until they tell you what you want to know. This episode had me thinking of Bruce Wayne inside the Batman costume instead of thinking of them as two separate entities.  

There are a lot of moments here that had me saying “holy shit” over and over again. From the action moments to the big revelations, this episode is unpredictable. Speaking of action, it’s great. This is the closest we’re going to get to an Arkham game made by Telltale. Every fight scene is well choreographed and its fun to play, even though its only quick time events.

Unfortunately, not everything here is great. Even though the episode looked great and sounded great, there were some moments where the game became very buggy and it took away from the experience. The dips in audio and framerate reminded me of older Telltale games where these problems were common. There has been a patch released the day after the release of the episode but I’m not sure if it fixed those problems or not. This episode is also shorter than the previous episode, while this is not a big problem, it should be mentioned for those that care. This episode was also lacking a gameplay element from the previous episode that I quite enjoyed, the detective sequence. There is no gruesome crime scene here from Batman to figure out, so maybe including it would’ve been forcing it. But, I do hope that it makes a return in future episodes.


The second episode of Telltales Batman game takes all the elements that made the first episode great and gets rid of all the things that made episode one less fun. This is an interesting and refreshing take on Batman’s lore and will keep new and old fans guessing until the end. Even though there are a few performance issues here, this is still a great episode that shouldn’t be missed.